Paris (July 2002)

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Paris (July 2002) Waldmohr (July 2002)

Last updated 09 September, 2002.
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July 2002

Our first day in Paris we spent with Corinne, Gilles, Lois and Lucie. They have a great garden at their house with lots of toys. Lois and Lucie wear their clogs from Amsterdam in the garden!

Mom took me up to the roof of Galeries Lafayette to see the Eiffel Tower, but I didn't really care.

At Madame Lapiche's home, I played with Gwendolyn. She's so soft and furry, and very patient.

Madame Lapiche with Thijs

Caroline let me take Gwendolyn for a walk!

M. Cloux and Mme. Lapiche were so nice.

Even Monsieur Cloux played with me.




Paris (July 2002) Waldmohr (July 2002)
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