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New Photos Are Up!

New Photo's!

Can you believe that Dad finally got some new pictures onto the web site?!

Start at the end of April and keep going until November...

Click here to go straight to the latest pictures.

Favorite Links


Here are some of my favorite links:

My Mom's Site
My Dad's Site
Rocket Ship Beach

I like my Mom's site best of all.  Dad has some good information, but he really needs some design help.

eStyle has lots of cool stuff for babies and adults.

My favorite CD right now is "Rocket Ship Beach" by Dan Zane's and Friends.   You can listen to it on his web site.

I'm in Redmond, so it's probably cloudy or raining.

MSNBC knows for sure, though.

Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Look at my online photo album filled with pictures of me! BabyCenter has lots of good information about me.   Other babies too, I guess.

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